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Truck Tax- Why should you E-file?

Posted by Admin on 5. April 2012 21:07

IRS 2290  Form is used by the  IRS  to collect excise tax for owning and operating a Heavy Highway Vehicle in the United States. This  Truck Tax  must be paid every year by the end of the second month after acquiring ownership of the vehicle. The IRS  uses this excise tax to do multiple things within the US including but not limited to improving road conditions and increasing safety awareness.  Every year Thousands of Truckers visit Local IRS Offices and stand in lines for hours waiting to pay the  Truck Tax  for the year.

Recently in 2011 the  IRS  began offering a new method to file Form  2290  and pay the  Truck Tax  for the year. The IRS created a list on the IRS  website of IRS Authorized E-file Providers for the  IRS 2290  . With E-filing filers can now avoid the extensive wait time and the long wait lines at local  IRS  offices. Now Filers can E-file Form  2290  from home and receive a Stamped  Schedule 1   within minutes. E-filing saves valuable time and money by expediting the normal filing process and in the case that errors should be present E-filing detects these errors almost instantly allowing Filers to fix the problem immediately.

The value in being able to E-file Form  2290  is greater than many may initially think. Many truckers consider time a valuable commodity as the more loads you can haul in a given amount of time the more money you can make. In today’s economy time is of the essence and that is exactly why you should E-file and pay your  Truck Tax

  online. By e-filing you potentially save yourself an entire day.

Another valuable benefit of E-filing with an is the Customer Service Filers receive. With live 24/7 chat support and a staff of experienced tax professionals goes above and beyond what most E-file providers consider customer service.  Filers can  Contact us  and receive detailed instructions on how to file Form  2290  and pay their    Truck Tax  amount to get a stamped  Schedule 1   within minutes.