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What if I over paid my Truck Tax ? File a Form 8849

Posted by Admin on 18. April 2012 21:01


Each year many filers overpay their   Truck Tax . Some overpay the   Truck Tax   because they didnt go over a certain mileage, Some sell there Vehicles, and a few are stolen, but there is a way to get that money back. All you have to do is file a Form 8849 to get a return on  the truck tax you paid the previous year when filing your  Form 2290 . Note that you can request a credit as well if you would prefer by filing the vehicle you are overpaid for as a credit request vehicle on your upcoming   2290 . There are many opitons avaiable to filers but Etax2290 and Etax8849 have you covered in all ways. Visit or  Etax8849  to get started on your return. 

Use Form  8849  to claim refunds of excise taxes you reported on  IRS Form 720, 730, or  2290 , including the repealed luxury taxes. Also use Form  8849  to claim refunds of excise taxes imposed on fuels, chemicals, and other articles that are later used for nontaxable purposes or for which there is a reduced rate of tax.


Generally, you can file more than one type of claim on Form  8849 . For example, you can file a claim as a gasoline wholesale distributor and a claim for nontaxable use of diesel fuel on the same Form  8849 .

Exceptions. Registered ultimate vendor claims and gasohol blender claims cannot be combined with other claims. Also, do not combine registered ultimate vendor claims and gasohol blender claims on the same Form  8849 .

You cannot claim any amounts that you took or will take as an adjustment or credit on Form 720 or Form 4136.