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Filing Truck Tax Form 2290 is No Longer a Tedious Process

Posted by Admin on 2. March 2014 19:22

The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is one of the most infamous agencies in the United States. Filing taxes has become somewhat of a legendary activity in popular culture. Those who drive heavy vehicles meeting certain qualifications are required to file an additional form that others are not: called form 2290. Operators of these vehicles can file online easily. For companies or fleet owners with over 25 vehicles, filing electronically is mandatory.

Qualifying Vehicles

The criteria for a vehicle that qualifies for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) is rather simple. If the vehicle is over 55,000 pounds in gross and travels more than 5,000 miles on United States highways every year, it is eligible. There are varying classes of trucks as well and a few may be exempt, but in the overwhelming majority of cases they must file. Regardless of whether it is a single vehicle or a thousand trucks, IRS 2290 must be filled out. Sometimes the owner of a fleet will fill out the forms for various vehicles, so if the user belongs to one such fleet, he or she should contact the appropriate party before moving on with the form.

Calculating Costs

Users of can expect to pay a low price. Other electronic filing websites and programs cost a fortune in comparison. For a single vehicle the cost is $14.99 (after the application of a coupon from the Etax2290 Facebook page, which is only available for singular vehicle registrations). From two to twenty-four vehicles, the price is a mere ten dollars more at $24.99. The price rises again to $94.99 for 251-500 vehicles, and again to $249.99 for any amount over a thousand. There are of course steps in between as well. Pricing for preparers, people who wish to use spreadsheets instead of the interface, and long-term users vary and must be disclosed via telephone.

Using the Service

Filling out form 2290 is quite simple. The website will take users through step-by-step with a prompt for each item of information. Once this is finished, will send the form to the IRS. If there is a mistake with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) the user can correct it with no extra charge. This courtesy exists because inaccurate VINs has become the number one issue with this form. Contacting to make this adjustment or with any other question is easy, thanks to the excellent customer service. A representative is almost always available to chat via the web, talk on the phone, or correspond through e-mail about any question along the way. Finally, any long-term customers can rest assured that they will work with the same agent for as long as possible to ensure that any and all questions can be answered efficiently.

Completing form IRS 2290 has never been simpler. has introduced a nearly foolproof way to file for this tax and others. Considering that the process is completely stress-free, it is cheap and customer service is always available, it is no wonder users prefer this service over others.

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